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Sidemount valve (extendable valve & plug)

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  • Plugged manifold valve where extensions provide a good point for the bungee to loop around when diving side mount
  • Manifold valves are made in Italy to the highest specifications. The meticulous forging process removes any blemishes or sharp edges that are common with competitors products. The surface treatment produces a soft satin like finish that gives this manifold a unique ability to withstand years of use without showing wear. Radial o-rings provide a secure seal between the valve plug and the main valve. The valve stem design also features a radial o-ring seal that reduces wear on the stem o-ring.
  • Manifold valve snorkels are crimped at the end to prevent scratching of the plating when assembling the valve
  • Rubber knobs are soft and resistant to impact damage
  • O-rings and grease used for assembly are oxygen compatible