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Ammonite Led Solaris Next Gen Ligth Head

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AMMONITE LED SOLARIS NextGen is a universal primary dive light that is built to withstand the harshest underwater environments while reliably pumping out up to 4500 lumens of light that narrows to 6 degrees surrounded by a bright glow that spills out around the central beam.

  • LED SOLARIS NextGen has a tough aluminum design, offering protection against knocks and scratches, substantial depth rating, and an ergonomic design that’s comfortable to use.
  • LED SOLARIS NextGen provides up to massive 4500 lumens of light on full power.
  • It also features three light levels BOOST, OPERATIONAL and BACK-UP to preserve battery and adjust brightness levels to eliminate backscatter in murky water.
  • The burn time of the light will depend on what level one has chosen.
  • It is built from hard anodised marine aluminium making it resistant to corrosion, knocks and scratches.
  • Easy to operate switch knob is made of lightweight but very tough and resistant to environmental conditions polymer (Delrin®).
  • The 6 mm front glass is made of highly resistant tempered glass.
  • For this device the diver can safely go to a depth of 200 meter.
  • Heavy-duty hard anodised aluminum alloy casing, with only 117 mm length and 61 mm in diameter.
  • Yet while exceptionally durable, it only weighs 340 g (130 g in water), making it easy to maneuver when holding it by hand or with one of Ammonite System Goodman handles so you have lots of flexibility.
  • The electronics in the headlamp control the condition of the battery.
  • The inner microchip system signals low battery level with a strobe flash and automatically switches to take me home mode (light output at 20% light intensity) when the battery is drained.