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Avatar Airon 102 Torrdräkt

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The Avatar 102 Airon is a cutting-edge drysuit designed for divers seeking innovation and superior design.

Our philosophy remains centered around the benefits of diving in a modern membrane drysuit that provides exceptional comfort.

The Airon model takes it a step further by using thicker Cordura Nylon Oxford fabric on its top layer, offering increased wear resistance while maintaining the fabric's innovative breathability.


What you'll find in the Avatar 102 Airon:

  • Innovative, breathable, four-layer nylon membrane fabric
  • 260 g/m2 Cordura Oxford Nylon reinforcement in sensitive areas with a slightly thicker version
  • Vapor-permeable membrane allowing increased comfort on the surface
  • Special bonding of seams for maximum drysuit flexibility
  • Available in 12 standard sizes for men; women's model will be introduced later.


The Avatar 102 Airon offers a comprehensive range of features in a full, technical drysuit configuration:

  • Advanced ergonomic cut eliminating cross-seams at underarms and crotch for unparalleled mobility and seam durability.
  • Telescopic torso design for full body mobility and adaptability underwater.
  • Original internal suspenders and crotch strap ensuring proper drysuit positioning on the body.
  • Watertight front zipper with protective suit fabric patch.
  • Additional reinforcements on knees, elbows, and a specially designed crotch patch for increased durability and abrasion prevention.
  • Two large technical pockets with bungee loops and additional pockets, ideal for opening with dry gloves.
  • Comfortable and flexible neoprene boots.
  • Apeks valves.
  • Latex neck seal with neoprene insulation.
  • Smart Seals system in the sleeves with latex wrist seals.
  • Unique design with sublimations and a special pocket design for increased visibility while diving.
  • Comes with a modern, comfortable drysuit backpack and neoprene hood.




The drysuit is equipped with modern, comfortable waterproof boots made of 3-millimeter neoprene. The inside is reinforced with an additional insole, while the outside features a rubber toe and heel guard. The boots have a fin strap tab and an ankle strap to prevent excess air from collecting. The boot sizes are matched to the drysuit sizes and accommodate warm thermal liners or extra pairs of diving socks.



The 102 Airon drysuit features two large and deep technical pockets with zipped small pockets on both sides' flaps. Both pockets have separate spaces for wet notes, bungee loops, and grommets for water drainage. Made of trilaminate fabric for durability, the right special pocket is in orange Cordura trilaminate, acting as an identification mark for your dive partner and enhancing safety.



The innovative, breathable, four-layer 260 g/m2 Oxford Nylon membrane material offers vapor-permeability and waterproofness. The quick-drying nylon on the inside and outside ensures a dry suit even after a dive, making it easy to pack and carry.



The Avatar Airon is reinforced at the knees, crotch, elbows, and buttocks with 280 g/m2 fabric for added protection. The watertight plastic front zipper is covered with a pleat for protection against sand or dirt. The latex seal is shielded by a neoprene warmer, which also overlaps the neoprene hood collar. Inside the drysuit are original orange suspenders to keep the suit in place after the undersuit is worn.



The Avatar comes with a spacious, waterproof travel bag with suspenders for easy transport to the dive site. The kit includes a neoprene hood, inflatable system hose, and silicone lubricant for the zipper.