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Cressi Digi 2 black/black

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  • Digital Console Pressure Gauge + Depth Gauge Automatic activation with connection to the tank Residual gas autonomy indicator (in minutes)
  • Designed for the harshest conditions, this extremely precise console is also easy to be used.
  • Small size: 60 x 50 mm box Shockproof ABS case with thermoplastic rubber sheath which integrates the fixing ring 45 x 27 mm luminescent rectangular screen with Bumpon anti-scratch protection.
  • Big numbers (main data 10x5 mm).
  • All information presented is separated by lines of light to facilitate reading.
  • Battery saving system Smart Smart Box (patented) can be used to keep DIGI 2 in a latent energy saving mode
  • Replacing the battery by the user Self-diagnosis for battery change (patented) Battery cover designed specifically to avoid accidents with two fixing clips and to offer easily replaceable parts (o-rings)
  • Modular construction that allows, at the right time, its repair
  • Automatic switching during the pressure sensing