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Shark Vega

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Suitable as a primary light for entry level divers, or a powerful backup for advanced diving,

this light has two modes; full power and power save.

Maximum output from the LED is 1200 lumen according to the manufacturers specification. We have measured it to 900 true lumen at full power and 460 lumen at power saving mode.

The light gives a visual varning when the battery level is below 30%.

The light gives a night 10 degree spot and is the perfect companion for looking under rocks in the day and for exploring at night.

On full power the battery lasts about 2 hours and on low power 5h, depending on water temperature etc.

Guaranteed dive depth is 150 meters.

The Vega is powered by a high quality rechargeable XTAR 18650 Li-Ion battery which is included, as well as a 220V charger.[/embed]